Out of Nature

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition

Preview of Out of Nature 2017

You are invited to attend the preview of the show and meet the artists at Newport House on 30 September, 11am–5pm.

You can buy tickets at the gate (£25 per person, children under 12 free).

Food and drinks will be served from 1pm, and performances will take place during the day.

The food is provided by local company Pomme Pomme Foods using produce from the walled garden at Newport House.

Artist Kate Raggett will create a large land art piece using freshly-picked apples, and Florence Boyd of The Cart Shed will invite visitors to add their touch of colour to a 'beehive' land art drawing.

At 2pm, performance artist Clare Parry-Jones will take visitors on a magical 30-minute journey.

The Cart Shed will demonstrate its activities and tell you more about how it works throughout the day.

You will also hear excerpts from Adrian Williams' musical composition, created for Out of Nature, and performed on the violin by Kirsten Hellier.

Attire: weather appropriate!


Tickets: £25.  Children under 12 free. 

All proceeds are given to The Cart Shed charity.


More information

For more information or to book for workshops/classes, please contact jenny@thecartshed.co.uk, tel: 07917 740 200.