Out of Nature

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition

Supporting The Cart Shed


Click here for an article in The Telegraph about Newport House, the Out Of Nature show and The Cart Shed.

Click here for a review of the show written on November 18th by Richard Heatly, recenly retired head of the Hereford College of Art.

On October 3-25, the second edition of the sculpture exhibition “Out of Nature” took place at Newport House in Herefordshire. It achieved its objectives of raising money for The Cart Shed, and giving visitors an experience of Beauty and Nature, read more here.

It presented about 200 pieces of outdoor sculptures in the formal gardens, around the lake and in the walled garden, as well as some indoor pieces in “the pub” and the green houses, by around 40 different artists from all over the UK as well as Germany and France.


“Out of Nature” was created in 2013 to celebrate our link with nature in a powerful visual way. Sometimes a strong piece of art talks more than a thousand words.

We live in a society model where nature is something we feel the need to control, so that we don't get hurt, and so that we can extract from it what we need.

We want to argue through "Out of Nature" that Nature provides a safe environment for us to  thrive, we only need to listen to it and surrender to its laws and rhythms. By ignoring our link with that which made us, we run the risk of divorcing ourselves from who we are. The show aims to talk to the public at a sensory level about something essential that our modern society may have forgotten.

The hard facts and figures are necessary to impress us on an intellectual level (over production, waste, pollution),  but here we just want to remember and celebrate a vital link that we all feel when we are in the middle of trees and nature.


“Out of Nature” was also created to raise awareness about the Cartshed and its work in the woods: created in 2011, it is a social venture which teaches coppicing and green wood craft as a skill but also as therapy. It has now built a body of evidence on how a manual and creative activity in a safe outdoors environment significantly contributes to improved physical, emotional and social well being.

The proceeds of the 20% commission on every piece sold were donated to the Cartshed, as well as the £5/adult entrance fee.


This year’s show also included a reflection on what happens to our waste – healthy elimination and recycling of used materials is also a function of nature!-


The show is organised by Jenny Daneels Watt (resident at Newport House and a director of the Cartshed), together with artist and curator Brontë Woodruff.